Punch Bags Brackets

At MaxStrength you can find a variety of high quality Punch Bag Brackets and Punch Bag Stands. You can choose from Heavy Duty Wall Brackets, 4 Way Heavy Duty Steel Chains, Ceiling Hooks, Pull Up Wall Brackets made of High Endurance Steel, Punch Bag Ceiling Hooks and Standard Angle Wall Mount Brackets. All our deals are designed to offer cost-effective savings and bring satisfaction to our customers. 
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Heavy Duty 4 Way Steel Chain
Standard Bag 4 Way Steel Chain consists of a set of solid chains and swivels that are suitable for most hanging bags. Hang heavy punch bags upto 200kg Chain length top to bottom is 11"
T92/A Heavy Duty Ceiling Hook
Heavy Duty Ceiling Hook High Quality Steel and it is suitable for Hanging Heavy Punch Bags up to 200KG. fixed into wooden beams or other suitable places
Buy 1.5' Standard Heavy Duty Punch Bag Wall Mount Bracket
50% off on this Wall Mount Bracket to hang Punch bag, made from heavy duty strong metal. Free Delivery for UK mainland