Punch Bag Sets

Welcome to our page for range of our Punch Bag Sets where we have made deals for everyone. At MaxStrength you can find a wide range of high quality and professional 4FT & 5FT Punch Bag Sets and you can choose from 3 Pieces to 15 pieces. All of our deals are carefully scrutinized to meet the requirements of our customers. Since 1990, we have been successfully distributing our Boxing Sets across the UK, USA and Europe and we have gained reputation for supplying high quality Punch Bag Sets at very competitive prices. In full confidence, we can assure you that we will not be beaten on Quality and Price. Our Marketing and PR team closely monitor our competitors on different channels and their prices to ensure that our deals remain the most cost effective on the market whilst retaining the high level of quality that we pride ourselves upon. Our Boxing Bags are made from highly durable and top quality material, and they are produced to withstand vigorous pounding. Our new DX3 technology offers extreme force dispersion and making our Heavy Punching Bags the best choice for toughest training.