Focus Pads & Target Boxing Gloves Set MMA Training Mitts
Focus Pads & Target Boxing Gloves Set MMA Training Mitts
Focus Pads & Target Boxing Gloves Set MMA Training Mitts
Focus Pads & Target Boxing Gloves Set MMA Training Mitts
Focus Pads & Target Boxing Gloves Set MMA Training Mitts

Focus Pads & Target Boxing Gloves Set MMA Training Mitts

Product Code: PSG1005043
Mesh Heavy Duty Focus Pads Target helps your aim and focus to enhance hand eye co-ordination
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MAXSTRENGTH® Focus Pads & Boxing Gloves Sets

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We will not be beaten on Quality and Price

Focus Pads:

The Maxstrength World-Class Rex-Leather Curved Focus Pads are made with a strong attention to details.These Focus Pads are a great training partner for Sparring and Martial Arts Training. Our Focus Pads are designed to improve accuracy and Hand to Eye coordination. They are designed to be stable and resilient. Our exclusive Focus Pad deals have earned popularity between our customers in the UK, USA & Europe. That is why, in full confidence, we can assure you that we will not be beaten on Quality and Price. We offer "Full Money Back Guarantee" if you are not satisfied with the product. 

Product Features:
  • Made of High Quality Rex Leather.
  • V-Shape Hook and Jab Sparring Pads Pair.
  • High Quality Thick Shock Absorption Padding.
  • Open gloves style easy to put on/off.
  • Perfect for boxing, kickboxing, martial art professionals and trainers.
  • Comfortable Wrist Grip.
  • White target printed for accurate aim.
  • Comes in Black/White color combination.
  • Comes as Pair.
Boxing Gloves:

Maxstrength Boxing Gloves are handmade with a strong attention to detail, just the same as our other Rex-Leather Striking and Grappling Combat Sports products such as Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Muay lao, Full Contact Karate, Taekwondo, MMA, Judo, Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu. The gloves are suitable to be used for any combat sports.

They are designed with multi layers of high-density foam and integration of gel padding in machine mold for maximum shock absorption. Specially designed air vents on the palm keeps the inside of the palm cool and fresh at all times and even when used for longer periods. Contrast Heavy and secure double stitching for durability and long lasting. Extended Padding on the Wrist provides all round wrist protection and reduces the risk of injury to the wrist. All-purpose fitness gloves are perfect for light to moderate bag and pad work.

Product Features:
  • Rex leather boxing and sparring gloves comes in Blue/Black color combination.
  • Available in 10oz and 12oz size.
  • Target feature helps your aim and focus to enhance hand eye co-ordination.
  • High density foam layering for maximum shock absorption.
  • Air vent on palm to reduce sweat.
  • Fit for adults.
  • Great for boxing training or sparring purposes.
  • Longer wrist strap to provide better wrist protection.
  • Extra padding on wrist to reduce chances of Hand Injury.


  • Brand: Maxstrength
  • Condition: New
  • Product Code: PSG1005043
  • Weight: 1kg


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Peer la Cour -

The pads have a great fit - i have large hands,The curved shape of the pads are great for absorbering punches and puts less strain on your wrist.

Likewise, it feels great to punch at!

J. Hobden -

Excellent well made product and super fast delivery. A little stiff at first but hopefully this will get better with use. I've got small hands so they are quite big but perfect for boxerise class.

i-oi-na -

Comfortable and don't slip off when training. Hands fit in well and strap on bottom means can tighten the wrist in so it doesn't move about. Good quality not too hard so that it is sore to hit also.

Lisa K -

Comfortable! I teach kickboxing with my clients and the gloves are great for beginners or intermediates! Some of my clients with bigger hands complain a bit but can still use them but these fit most size hands.

Miss VS Hamilton-Barritt -

These are great for me when I'm boxing.. Medium sized female hands that I have but for my chap they are on the small side for his giant mits ..Great product though.. Really sturdy and look cool too.. Just need to say they are for small medium hands


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