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Weightlifter’s warm up with best Weight lifting equipment’s

weightlifting warm up

Warm up is essential to any athlete’s workout. It is well known that a quality warm up routine will protect an athlete from serious injuries. Once muscles and ligaments are warmed up they are much more strain resistant, allowing the athletes to push themselves to the limits of their abilities as well as progress with their skills.

Why a warm up is important to a weightlifter

As a weightlifter, you put great pressure on your joints and ligaments as well as your muscles. If a weightlifter ignores the warm up muscles would not be ready to resist the weights putting serious pressure on the joints and bones, this in extreme cases can leave a weightlifter disabled completely.

How to avoid a possible injury in weightlifting?

Although accidents happen and it is impossible to prevent injuries 100%, weightlifters can take precautions by following this or a similar warm up routine:
Do 10 -15 reps each direction.
• 500m row
• wrist circles
• elbow circles
• arm circles
• over and back
• arm rotations
• triceps stretch side bends
• torso rotations
• bow and bend
• hip circles
• lying iron cross
• scorpion
• walking lunge and twist
• spiderman lunge
• walking RDL and leg swings
• Kossack
• heel-toe and drop lunge
• ankle stretch, squat knee circles, squat slides

This great routine was developed for Olympic weightlifters and has been helping hundreds of weightlifters around the world. It is simple and easy to follow, so we recommend you give it a go.
Next step is to get your muscles ready for lifting. You can achieve this by lifting a lighter weight. For example if the lifter’s main sets were at 205 lbs, 225 lbs and 235 lbs on the bench, then a warmup of 5 reps of 135 and 5 reps of 185 would be advisable. When properly warmed up the lifter will then have more strength and stamina since the blood has begun to flow to the muscle groups as mentioned above.
Remember the reason for your next warm up and you might enjoy it a little bit more.
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