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Choosing the right fighting Boxing Gloves

Boxing was enjoyed by people even as far back as ancient Greece and beyond.

Often customers contact us asking for advice on the best fighting gloves: boxing, sparring and training gloves, so today we want to give you some tips on how to choose your fighting boxing gloves.


These days there are many brands to choose from and even once you have chosen a brand you have to decide on the design and qualities of your boxing gloves. I know we say it a lot, but the best way to choose the right boxing gear  is to decide what you are using it for. If you are new to boxing, it will probably be a while before you need your first fighting boxing gloves and first of all you will need to purchase something for countless hours of training and perfecting your technique.


Once you are at the right level and are ready to take it to the next level you need a good pair of fighting boxing gloves that will protect you, will help you to dominate and ultimately will help you to win.


Years of experience has taught us to look for certain criteria and benefits, so when we are describing good fighting boxing gloves we normally look at the following:


  1. Comfort. Your gloves should be comfortable. They should feel right; they should sit tight and provide excellent coverage without coming loose in the fight, as any discomfort might end up costing you a fight.
  2. Support. It should provide the right level of support. Most brands now offer dense multi-layered foam padding, protecting your hands and your partners face. Some brands use gel integrated padding, but as long as the padding is strong and durable, allowing for devastating punches in the ring, both options will work.
  3. Doesn’t take long to break them in. This one is really self-explanatory. Never wear brand new gloves in the fight. You need to make sure they are comfortable and provide you with plenty of support.
  4. Design. Your fighting boxing gloves design needs to communicate your overall image and complement your look, whether you want to project a fearless image or you want to look undefeatable. Leather boxing gloves are our choice. They will give you an “authentic” feel, helping you get into the right spirit, but they are not the only option.
  5. Price. Don’t be fooled by the brand, often famous brands use their popularity to jack up the price, but actually boxing gloves won’t justify that. Don’t be fooled by the name, choose quality boxing gloves instead.


All the points above will help you choose great fighting boxing gloves to use in matches.

At Maxstrength.net we offer a wide range of boxing gloves to fit all your training and fighting needs. Our genuine leather boxing gloves by “HIT EM HARD” are a great choice, as they match all the above requirements and offer you amazing support, comfort, durability and stylish design. They are truly fantastic value for money, next to some other branded gloves that use their name to increase the price and make more money.

We know that your gear can’t win your fights for you, but we firmly believe that it can play a big role in it. We wish all fighters out there injury free fair competitions. Discover your power, believe in yourself!


For more information on our boxing gloves visit our website www.maxstrength.net

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