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Boxing Hiit Workout at Home During Covid-19

Professional boxers fight twelve rounds during the national or international boxing match. Sometimes four, six, or ten, depending upon the experience of a fighter. Over these rounds, players can defend and for more fights. They focus on boxing HIIT workout.

During the training of boxers, the main exercises are endurance exercises. So that players should be able to fight for more time. This article will teach you how you can start endurance exercise at Home as a boxer. These tips and tricks will be helpful for you in the future.

Boxing Hiit Workout with Heavy Bags 

 Setting up a punching bag is one of the more critical points for the boxer. If you cannot have a hanging point in your home, then you can also buy a free-standing punch bag for yourself. You can place this bag anywhere in your home. It is easy to manage. I will suggest you don’t make your walls and roofs ugly with holes for your hanging punch bags. It would be best if you had to use a free-standing punch bag for practice.


Hitting the punching bag during boxing HIIT workout enhance your boxing approach. During the practice, you should have to keep in mind during a fight is not just about throwing punches. It’s all about hit in proper form.

This practice will improve your strength and power. Heavy bag practice will help you in building your body muscles and build your endurance.

During heavy bag practice, you are not just only standing and punching the bag. You are also moving around the bag, which includes your footwork in your exercise. During the practice, you remain active and alert because the bag can back suddenly and surprisingly.

Punching bag workout can enhance your mood and reduce your displeasure. After these practices, you will be fresh, physiologically, and mentally. You are physically exercising to strengthen the process of building neurohormones. You help you out in improving your mood.


Muscles Training 


 In this training, you manually workout using weights, resistance, push-ups, and sit-ups at home. It would help if you had to make a plan for this workout and do them daily.

If you are working on this exercise regularly at home, you will see improvement in your muscles, joints, and bones. You notice there are two types of muscle training, one with the equipment’s another without equipment. You have to try both with equipment and without equipment. Boxing is a full-body exercise, especially for muscles. Your focus should be on that exercise, which will help muscle groups like thighs, glutes, and abdominals.

Cardio Exercise Especially for Home

                                 With the help of this exercise, you can improve your stamina. Skipping rope is one of the best options for starting cardio exercise. This exercise allows the muscles to work on low oxygen. Here are some examples of cardio exercises.

  • Burpees
  • Jump Rope
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Squat Jumps
  • Kickboxing
  • Dancing
  • Running the Stairs
  • Jogging in Place


Burpee is a position between the plank position and jumping in the air. In this workout, there is no need for fitness equipment.

2.Jump Rope Or Skipping Rope

According to experts, jumping rope is one of the best cardio exercises. You can do it anywhere in your home or room with just a jump rope.

Boxing Hiit Workout

You can burn 220 calories if you do it just for 20 minutes.

3.Jumping Jacks

I hope you tried this on your school days. Jumping jacks can burn 100 calories within 10 minutes. For Jumping jacks, there is no need for equipment. Jumping jacks can burn 150 calories in 20 minutes.

4.Squat Jumps 

This exercise is primarily for the knees. So keep in mind if your knee is suffering from a knee injury.


Kickboxing is a combination of karate and boxing. Kickboxing is not only cardio exercise but also boxing HIIT workout..You can also use strike shield for kickboxing practise.

strike shield

strike shield

It is the easiest way to burn calories at home without any equipment

You can burn 100 calories in just only ten minutes.


If you want some fun with cardio exercise, you must add dance to your cardio exercise. Best dance moves also will be helpful for your muscles.

7.Running the Stairs

Running on stairs is very important for your lower body. If you have stairs in your home, then great, you can also buy fitness aerobic steppers for running.

8.Jogging in Place 

There is no need for a treadmill if you will start jogging in your Home. No need for equipment. You can burn 200 calories in only 15 minutes.

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