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Bodybuilding competitions are popular worldwide with millions hitting the weights, training in hope to build muscles fast, condition their bodies and achieve perfect muscle mass.

Bodybuilding training requires patience, perseverance and a lot of hard work. If you are thinking about developing your muscles and getting yourself shaped up, you need to consider 2 main things: your workout routine and your dietary habits.


1. Your Workout

  • Choose a workout program that uses a low training frequency. Don’t try to train all the muscles at once. Instead train each muscle group once a week.


  • Maintain a high volume of reps. Spend more time on working out each individual muscle. Do a high volume of repetitions to dig deep into your muscles power.


  • Don’t rest a lot. You should minimize your rest times and try to carry on with minimum rest.


  • Push yourself harder. Try to increase your weights size when possible. Try to push yourself as much as you can. The heavier your weights the faster your muscles will grow and take the required shape.


  • Take your time. Each rep you do should be performed slowly. The slower your moves are the harder your muscles work.


  • Change your routine frequently. You will find that your muscles will get used to the same routine easily, so to make your muscles work every time you train to their maximum potential you need to challenge yourself to a different routine every few weeks.


2. Your Diet

Eat right! It’s not just about the calories. To help yourself build muscle mass and not just lose calories you want to make sure you follow this advice:

  • Research available meal plans and choose the one you will find easy to follow and the one you can afford too.


  • Eat frequently. Eating frequently will help you get to your goal faster. If you don’t eat enough to replace the calories you’ve burned at the gym, you can risk burning muscle mass instead. This can significantly slow down your progress.


  • Drink plenty of water. It is always important to drink plenty of fluids, whether you are on a special diet or not. Make sure you drink water every day to keep yourself dehydrated.

Assess your overall condition, muscle growth and wellbeing all the time. Record your progress and don’t hesitate to make necessary changes as you go along.

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