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Best Boxing Gloves For Kids

When we observe children’s equipment, we see that many companies make low-quality products to increase their profit. So I did some in-depth research to find the best products and companies which made the best gloves for kids. It’s tough to find the best boxing gloves.

When I do in-depth research on gloves, I note that children like the showy thing but the showy thinks are made of Lowry stuff. It’s hard to choose gloves with good goods for kids.

Best Size for Kids Boxing Gloves


I recommend that children’s size be 4Oz for the toddlers up to age seven years, and 6 to 8Oz size is suitable for 8 to 14 year age. Children feel comfortable with these sizes.

List of Kids Boxing Gloves

We know children are infamous for beating up their toys. So you should be conscious of selecting the material of gloves. Synthetic and Maya hide leather is comfortable for children because this stuff is perfect for kids.

It would help if you also bought Velcro straps for gloves. Through these, it will be easy to put on and off their gloves. You should choose the best gloves with delicate Velcro straps so that when children beat their sports equipment gloves should be bearable.

So here I will show the list of boxing gloves with good stuff and the best size. I found these gloves list after in-depth research and provided you links and a website from there you can buy easily 100% original and best gloves.

Black Mitts

It is made of dense multilayer foam (Free delivery in UK Mainland). It is made of synthetic leather. Very lightweight gloves are best. Its foam is spongy. It has long Velcro strips which are very helpful for the put-off and on gloves for children. If your child uses gloves for a long time, they also have an air-vent on the palm. Through these air-vents, your child remains safe from sweat and feels comfortable for a long time.

Black Mitts


Products features

  • Made of synthetic leather
  • Air- vents on palm
  • Long Velcro strap
  • High-density foam 
  • 6Oz to 8 Oz size 
  • Weight is 0.5 kg


 Sparring Gloves 

These gloves have extra 2-inch padding, which improves your protection. These gloves also have water repellent lining. Sparring Gloves


Product features

  • Made with synthetic leather
  • Triple-layer polymer padding
  • Air-vents on the palm
  • High-density foam
  • Available in red and other color’s.
  • Weight is 0.5 kg.

Leather gloves 

Leather gloves are professional boxing gloves also available in 6 to 8OZ size, especially for kids. Gloves are essential for your kids’ professional training and have double padding on the wrist to save your wrist from injury. These gloves are made of rax leather. They have air-vents on the palm of gloves to protect you from sweat during prolonged training.

leather boxing gloves



  • Best for boxing training and sparring
  • Have long wrist wraps
  • Air-vents on the palm
  • Made of rex leather
  • Have triple padding

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